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  • Bhukthi

    Sickness, Fear, Mental Conflict, Visual Impairment and Childhood Distress.

    Increasingly wealthy, enemy power of victory and wealth are rare power machines

    The self-drawn machine is ready for those who are desperate for a life unmarried by sinister evil, love affliction, and enemy evil, such as the Vishnu Vishnu Vishnu, the Vidya Pratibhava machine, Mars ill, Saturn and Rahu.

    For those who are not fortunate enough, the soon-to-be-adopted santa gopalaka machine is a favorite.

    In addition, science cards also provide magical cardboard for changing marital strife, employment interruptions, marriages, marriage losses, debt, mental illness, lawsuits, accidents, maladies, and enemy harm.

  • Poornakkalam


    For the enrichment of affairs, for the benefit of the children, for the foreign travel, for the full prosperity of the family and for the harm of Sani.

    Devotees who see the full form seven times will pay off their previous sins.
  • Kalasam


    Swamy's bowl is perfect for affliction, illness, marriage interruption, domestic violence, educational barriers, material harm, material interruption, family strife.

  • Guruthi


    To subdue the evil of the enemy, the ghost, the sorcerer, the barrier of employment

  • Vellattu Karmam

    Vellattu Karmam

    The Vellatu karma is perfect in the presence of Lord Vishnu


Poornakkalam 10,001
Amavaasi Shaktheya Pooja 10,001
Kalasam 4,000
Chuttuvilakku 1,501
Kari Guruthi 1,000
Thamboola Kalasham 751
Bhukthi 101
Shathru Sambhaara Pushpaanjali 51
Neivilakku 35
Pushpaanjali 15
Charadu 10
Annadhanam 1,000 മുതൽ
Devikku Guruthi 1,001
Bhrahma Vellattu Karmama 1,001
Roopakkalathil Archana -
Kukkuda Samarppanam 50
Appam Ada Puttu 301
Madhu Nivedhyam 301
Pooja Dravya Samarppanam -