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Kalari Devar Math is the only Vishnumaaya temple in South India which is one of the oldest and most ancient temples. The specialty of the temple is that it is traditionally practiced in the Kalari system.

Lord VIshnumaaya Kuttichathan Swamy, is in full swing with the full consciousness of all devotees who seek refuge in the caste and religion and seek refuge in their grief and prosperity.

On the right side is Karikankutti Swamy and on the left side Ummamma chathan with Lord Vishnumaya Swamy to stay here to ensure the prosperty of the devotee.

Devotees who seek refuge in this land and the land from the evil and the evil afflictions of the Karikalimuthamma of Kizhakkavu are present here in the form of powerful tamoguna.

In addition, the deities Vanadurga, Nagakanyak, Brahma Rakshas, ​​Puliyambulli Namburichan and Veerabhadra Swamy are also worshiped.

Grand Patrons

Sri Shakthidhara Swamikal

Sri Shakthidhara Swamikal

Sri Vishnumaaya Kuttichathan Swamy, who had been worshiped for generations, came to full consciousness with the Upasana fruit and then built the temple and settled down to Lord Bhagavan.

On the 15th of the 11th month of the year 1183, Sri Sakthidhara Swamis offered the feet of the Lord.

Sri Vishnu Kailasam

Sri Vishnu Kailasam

Patron of Math

It is from his father Sakthidharan Swami that Sri Vishnu Kailasam acquired the magic techniques for the first time. The first teacher is the Father.

From a very early age, Sri Vishnu became very close to VIshnumaaya Kuttichatan Swamy and with his father Vishnu took keen interest in the activities of Swami. He himself taught his son Sri Vishnu Swamy more and taught him to perform puja rituals.

From then on, Vishnu became the servant of Chathan Swamy and inherited the blessings he had inherited for generations.

After the demise of his father, he was installed as a dictator and with the blessings of Sri Vishnu Kuttichatan Swamy, with the teachings of his father, the astrological and ingenious techniques of his father, he served Sri Vishnu Swamy without any compromise.

At the same time, the Swami, who is seeking refuge every day, has settled the plight of the devotees