Kalari Devar Madam - Vishnumaaya Temple

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Kalari Devar Math is the only Vishnumaaya temple in South India which is one of the oldest and most ancient temples. The specialty of the temple is that it is traditionally practiced in the Kalari system.

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Benfits for the Devotees

  • Advisory
  • Omnipotence and prosperity
  • Enemy victory
  • Good Children
  • Employment Problem Solving
  • Marriage Interruption Solution
  • To change the property sale disruption
  • To change a relationship
  • Marital problem solving

Poojas and Vazhipad More Details

  • Poornakkalam
  • Amavaasi Shaktheya Pooja
  • Kalasam
  • Chuttuvilakku
  • Kari Guruthi
  • Thamboola Kalasham
  • Bhukthi
  • Shathru Sambhaara Pushpaanjali
  • Neivilakku
  • Pushpaanjali
  • Devikku Guruthi
  • Bhrahma Vellattu Karmama

Utsavam 2020 - April 7, 8